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​A member in good standing completes all of the following:


  • Shall take the on-line exam via Zebra-Web and pass with a score of 80%.​​​

  • Shall complete the current year's on-line Concussion Awareness Course.​

  • Shall pass the yearly background check.​

  • Shall attend 1 NJSFU Interpretation Meeting. ​

  • Shall attend 3 of 5 NJSFU General Membership Meetings.​

  • Shall pay active annual NJSFU dues and NJSIAA registration fees within the time schedule set by the NJSFU Treasurer.​

  • Shall attend an Umpire Mechanics clinic once every three years.​


Life members have been a member of the chapter for a minimum of 25 years and shall be nominated by the

Executive Board. Any life member that wants to continue to umpire must fulfill the active member requirements. Life members do not pay dues.


A member in Good Standing for at least 1 full year may apply for associate membership in writing to the Secretary. Associate status is reserved for members who temporarily cannot officiate baseball or softball due to illness or injury or a member who chooses to no longer officiate but wants to remain a social member.  An associate member may not change his or her status back to "Active Member" until the following season.​

  • Shall pay $25 in NJSFU dues.

  • Does not have to take the annual rules examination or the on-line concussion test.

  • Does not have to attend meetings.

  • May attend all social events at the member's own cost.

  • May not work ANY baseball or softball games for any other chapter, organization, or league



Cadets are members that are currently attending the NJSFU

8-week cadet class.

  • Shall pay the Cadet program fee.

  • Shall attend all Cadet training classes.

  • Shall pass the NFHS rules test, concussion test, and background check.

  • Does not have to attend meetings

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